Bus Guide 2024

Updated Feb 2024 - Pre- season Bus timetables in operation!

Menorca's 3 bus company websites, while improved, can still be frustrating for Holiday visitors - our guide simplifies and brings it all together for visitors.

Menorca Busnetz, Fahrpläne und Tipps

Good to know

Three Bus companies operate the various routes. No websites that will help plan times when your bus journey needs to connect with other bus routes.

Bus Tips : Seasonal Timetables operate meaning fewer or no buses,single fares only... learn more

FAQ Bus Travel around Menorca

Menorca Bus Tips

Good to know

Best tip we can give you are Menorca's bus companies are very pragmatic, so bus services especially to beach resorts are increased / reduced based on visitor numbers! This can be the case in September / October.

3 'Seasonal Timetables'

Guideline only as these date are also 'pragmatic' and can change :-)

  • From 1st to May 31
  • From 1st to 23th of June
  • From 23rd of June to September 30

However services are reliable, cheap and comfortable. Some trips requiring changes of bus need pre-planning timing wise.

Menorca is different - the road network preserves the island's natural beauty especially along the coast where few roads exist. Menorca's Bus Network covers the essentials and is served by three autonomous ( but co-operating ) companies which can present challenges for the Holiday Visitor.

Bus Network Map to download

Buses to / from my Holiday Resort ?

No direct Airport / Shuttle buses to any beach resorts only a Public Bus to Mahon. However Airport Bus no.10 is not a great Transfer option - requires a change at Mahon Bus station and possible long wait for services to your Holiday Resort - see Airport Transfer Options

Beach resorts operate Seasonal Timetables meaning there might be NO services/less frequency to Holiday beach resorts (Nov-April) because most Beach Resorts have few residents. Additionally the local Fiesta may affect bus times.

Menorca Region Resorts and Towns Bus Company Latest Bus Timetables
Ciutadella and West Coast Timetables Cala en Blanes Los Delfines Cala en Forcat Cala Blanca Cala en Bosch Son Xoriguer Torres www.bus.e-torres.net
North East Timetables Fornells Playa den Fornells Arenal den Castell Es Grau Son Parc Autos Fornells www.autosfornells.com
Mahon, East Coast and Mahon <-> Ciutadella Timetables Cala Galdana Santo Tomas Son Bou TMSA www.tmsa.es

Bus Time tables by Resort / Area

South East Coast Bus Routes and Timetables

Resorts : Es Castell,Sol del Este,Punta Prima,Sant Lluis,Binibeca,Es Canutells,Binisafuller,Cala en Porter,Alcaulfar and S'Algar

South Coast - Routes and Timetables

Resorts : Son Bou,Santo Tomas,Es Migjorn Gran and Cala Galdana

Son Bou

Galdana - Mahon

Galdana - Mahon Bus route 51

Bus company - TMSA

Galdana - Ciutadella Bus route 52

Bus company - TMSA

Santo Tomas - Mahon Bus route 71

Bus company - TMSA

Santo Tomas - Ciutadella Bus route 72

Bus company - TMSA

North East Coast Routes and Timetable

Resorts : Arenal D'en Castell,Es Grau, Fornells,Na Macaret,Port Addaia,Son Parc

West Coast bus routes and Timetable

Resorts : Cala en Blanes,Cala en Brut, Cala en Forcat,Ciutadella,Cala Blanca,Cala en Bosch,Santandria,Son Xoriguer

Note during Ciutadella Fiesta 22-25 June a special timetable and pricing operates

BUS STOP ( Bus company Torres ) is at Placa des Pins for destinations to Ferry Terminal,Sa Caleta,Santandria,Cala Blanca,Cala en Bosch,Son Xoriguer,Los Delfines,Cala en Forcat,Cala en Blanes and Cala Morell.

Menorca main Bus Stations

Maó (Mahon) Bus Station

The main bus station in Mahon (Maó) has recently bee refurbished with decent toilets, Air Conditioned waiting area with food and drink vending machines. Central bus station is a 2min. walk to town shops to get something lovely to eat or shop. Located near the Placa de Esplanada (main square)

Ciutadella Bus Station

Placa de Pins ( sometimes marked on Maps as Place de Senplaxada )

Essentially the west coast services run by Autocares Torres. There are lots of various style cafe Bar restaurants/childrens playground while you wait.

Destinations: Ferry Terminal,Sa Caleta,Santandria,Cala Blanca,Cala en Bosch,Son Xoriguer,Los Delfines,Cala en Forcat,Cala en Blanes and Cala Morell

You must buy your tickets at the Kiosk BEFORE boarding the bus

Plaça de la Pau

10-15 min. walk from Placa del Pins Route

Via Perimetral

15-20 min. walk from Placa del Pins Route

We use the the name Via Perimetral as all materials refer to this even though the stop is simply on Avinguda de Josep Mascaró Pasarius ( next to Cinema complex and The Cemetery )

Destinations : Ferreries,Es Migjorn Gran,Sant Tomas,Cala Galdana,Es Mercadal,Alaior, Maó(Mahon) and Cala Morrell ( Via Perimetral has most services )

Central bus routes and timetable

Connecting Menorca's two cities and authentic island towns ( bus hubs )

Bus Ticket Prices

Fares are very well priced. Some buses include Free Wifi on board to upload those Holiday snaps and check this Guide en route

Payment is in cash to the driver

Discount Tickets

Most discounted bus tickets are limited to Menorca Balearic residents, but see below for any current offers



Weekly discount Ticket ( for all )

Unlimited Travel ( single passenger ) with Weekly card for 29,50 € all west coast routes. On sale ( ask for 'Bono Semanal' ) at the Kiosk on Placa del Pins. Period starts from first usage.




Airport Bus

Can I get a Bus ( Shuttle ) from Menorca Airport to my Holiday resort?

Sorry no direct Airport / Shuttle buses to any beach resorts only a Public Bus to Mahon. Airport Bus no.10 is not a great Transfer option - requires a change at Mahon Bus station and possible long wait for services to your Holiday Resort - see Airport Transfer Options

Beach Bus

Can I get a Bus to Beaches? Yes with some planning and pre-booking ( access roads mean only small Buses can be used !). Certain Virgin Beaches have a special summer season Bus service - Beach Bus Guide

Our Beach Directory will show you any available bus routes, how to book and pay

Busses - Good to Know

Bus station = Estacio d'Autobuses on maps etc

Current bus timetables are usually on display at bus stops

IMPORTANT the local name for Mahon is (Maó) which will be shown on Bus, local timetables,bus displays and signposts. Drivers will understand Mahon and saying Maó ('Maow') will win you a smile!

Bus Tickets - how to buy and pay

New April 2023 - pay by App

App MOU-T Menorca from the usual stores. It is so new and has 3.5% Ticket fees. Personally I would leave it to mature , plus yet another place to leave a credit card data set ?- no thanks, but your choice

Always carry change. Bus drivers can legally refuse boarding if you only have 20 and above Euro notes for Tickets that require a lot of change

Most buses are Air Conditioned

Mahon - Maó and Ciutadella ( Placa de la Pau/Place del Pins ) Bus stations are hubs for their respective ( east/west ) ends of the island. Outside of the main tourist season ( November to April ), the buses will run less frequently or not at all to some coastal resorts. As mentioned elsewhere, to preserve the landscape there are practically no coastal routes so most journeys will involve going inland to one of the towns along the island's major back bone road (ME-1) where you will also be able to change for other destinations. Major changing points are Alaior,Es Mercadal and Ferreries - they are also good places to spend time in aswell.

Cami de Cavalls access by bus

It is possible to walk parts of the Cami de Cavalls coastal path using a Bus as the path always runs through a coastal resort. Use the Network Map to see what's possible

Bus Network Map

Fiesta Bus

You can really enjoy the Summer Fiestas by catching the 'Jaleo' Bus. Most Fiesta's car parking will be over-run plus drink drive laws are Zero tolerance.

During Summer Fiestas special bus Timetables operate

Fiesta Bus Guide

Bus Connections

Travelling across Menorca

Everything is determined by the limiting road network so you may well have to travel inland to reach somewhere along the coast.

The major Locations offer some direct services and with planning via Town Bus hubs to destination all over Menorca island.

During Fiesta times special Timetables operate

Fiesta Bus Guide

FAQ : Menorca Buses our Tips and Advice

Short answer, no only a bus to Mahon where you need to change

You will probably need a Taxi or pre-booked Transfer

Airport Transfers

For Holiday visitors there are none, only residents

Discount Bus Pass Menorca

Prices are very good using modern air conditioned buses. Tickets from 1,75 Eur to most expensive at 6 Eur ( ~ 40km! )

Timetables, routes and Bus Ticket prices

yes,including some natural virgin beaches

Depends on you start location....

Virgin beaches by Bus Menorca Virgin beaches Buses

Beach Directory with bus routes beach Directory