Menorca Weather for Holidays and Short Stays

Current weather in Menorca

Everyone wants to 'wish' the weather perfect for their holiday but being prepared is even better. So just what is it like in April , May and October?

Good to know

The weather in Menorca during the June-Sept summer season is generally dry often with a cooling breeze. Menorca enjoys over 300 days with sunshine a year and it is rare for a day to be completely without some sunshine.

April Weather

Spring time ( late March to April ) is a wonderful time to visit the island. Before the heat of the summer lies across the island, the air is lighter, the views sharper as if the winter has "cleaned the air" and of course the spring colours make the landscape so much more vivid.

You will find the temperatures significantly warmer and sun more intense than back home.

April is great for under the sky activities such as kayaking, horseriding, walking and cycling - Activities All year. It's also a great time to explore Menorca's towns and villages and enjoy (lower priced ) outdoor lunches with the sun in your face.

Menorca in Spring

Spring time Holidays - including (beach) hotels that will be open in Apri

May Sunshine

May is when the temperatures really start to rise. The weather in May can be fabulous, certainly T-shirt and tanning warm, but take a light jacket for the evenings. The sea will not yet have warmed up from winter temperature lows but make for a refreshing swim in less suncream tainted waters of high summer. That said most beach waters are shallow so water heats up so children don't get cold.

October time

The seas are very often warmer in October than in April or May as the summer sun has warmed up the waters all summer. Many charts on the internet will quote October as the wettest month but they tend to be old data and its relative anyway with just 9 days on average. In any event Menorca will rarely have a full day of rain except in Winter ( dec-jan ) , so showers will usually clear up into sunny skies quickly.

July and August Holidays

The peak summer holidays period will range up to high 30s on hottest days though the frequent breeze makes it more comfortable. Never ever under estimate the sun's strength here,lots of sun cream - the summer breezes will deceive you.

Our Weather Tips

Some practical advice form years of personal experience. Having no significant mountains to trap and attract them most localised clouds will generally clear up before 2pm That's our bench mark.

Want a good (and safer) tan?

The sun is much much stronger here due to sorthern location. For a lasting brown tan, rather than a pink glow sunbathe the first few days longer early morning and after 16:00 upto sunset -picnic on the beach! Your skin will be better too!

...some myths

What's this about Menorca being called the windy island? Well to correct any holiday maker concerns it's just like any other small island in the middle of a lot of water with huge land masses that heat up/cool off north and south of it - there will be some wind! This is actually good news because in Summer during the day there is generally a very pleasant light cooling breeze rather than heavy stale hot air. However don't let the summer breeze fool you into using less suncream!

The "bad winds" are in winter because Africa is hot compared to Europe so north winds will come in off the water from colder southern Europe and there is no natural protection off the north coast just open water.

Practical advice

Evenings. It might chill as the breeze picks up so always pack one thin but warming clothing item to take out if you want to stay outside 'till very late.

It still amazes us to this day but it can be sunny at one end and cloudier at the other end of the island. If you're mobile you'll find the sun!

Menorca current weather and short term forecast

Average Temperatures for Menorca ( Celsius )

Month Air Sea Sunshine Hours
January 15 14 5
February 15 13 6
March 18 14 6
April 20 15 7
May 23 20 10
June 26 22 11
July 29 25 12
August 29 25 11
September 27 24 8
October 23 21 6
November 19 18 6
December 16 14 5

Jellyfish - Wind direction and Swells

Check out over Menorca below for sea swells and wind direction...the ONLY things that help predict if Jelly fish might make it to a beach near you ( actually pretty rare ! )

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