Cala'n Bosch - a place for you?

For Families

  • Purpose built holiday resort with lots of attractions, pleasant marina to sit and watch the world go by
  • Plenty to see and do within walking distances
  • Close to Ciutadella for a change of scene

For Couples

  • Plenty of Bars and Restaurants within walking distance
  • Close to Ciutadella for better restaurants, musical entertainment and moonlit harbour strolls
  • Excursion/Hire boats to nearby virgin beaches and coastline
  • Watersports (Son Xoriguer )

Cala en Bosch - Location

The joint resorts of Cala en Bosch ( Cap d'Artrutx ) and Son Xoriguer are located on the south west tip of Menorca. Approximately 60 mins., from the Airport. With views over to neighbouring Majorca it lies just 10km south of the beautiful old city of Ciutadella, which is reachable via a regular bus service. Also known by all these names: Cala D'en Bosch, Cala n Bosch or Cala en Bosc and Cap d'Artrutx.


Public buses are not practical for transfer from Airport ( you must always change at Mahon bus station ) so you will need either a shared or private transfer, Taxi or Hire Car. West coast resorts are often best via a transfer rather than Taxi due to costs - taxi circa 60-70 Eur one way. We recommend shuttle menorca.

Menorca tips - note despite the apparent many offers in Internet there are only three licensed companies who actually provide the service on Menorca, so ensure you know who you are booking with before paying.

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A livelier resort ( by Menorca's standards ) , the main commercial area of which is centred around a artificial marina. There are a wide variety of Bars and Restaurants in the Cala en Bosch also a handful in Cap D'artrutx and directly behind Son Xoriguer beach.

Built in the 1980s, Cala en Bosch / Son Xoriguer is one of only a few resorts on Menorca purpose built for tourism. As such it has the most hotels and greater number of visitors making it livelier than most resorts. Conversely it is not 'authentic Menorca' and also purely seasonal. There is a definite and quieter area for Villas and Apartments at the area locally called Cap D'artrux which is 10-20m slow walk to/from the marina and Son Xoriguer.

Being a purpose built holiday resort it contains all you need from a holiday resort while still retaining charm because of the popular Marina area. Neighbouring Son Xoriguer has perhaps become too dominated by hotels while Cala en Bosch ( Cap D' Artrutx ) still offers private villa accommodation away from the "buzz"/ noise giving you the best of both worlds.

Menorca Holiday Tips

It is quite common for the prices of the childrens entertainment to seem quite high at first sight, but often the charge is for a day ticket or a large number of hours, so you can always return later in the evening before or after a drink/meal or snack at the Marina. Make sure you get a hand stamp to allow them back in later.

Big Wheelers-Cycle Hire
Goody Goody park-Play Parks
Marina-Cala en Bosch
Bars-for all tastes and budgets


Cala en Bosch and Son Xoriguer each have their own beach. Cala en Bosch beach is next to the Marina and around the headland is the neighbouring beach of Son Xoriguer. Cala en Bosch is much the bigger of the two, has fine white sandy and is part of inlet which calms the waters for the smaller children and provides good snorkelling with it's rocks along the bay sides. The beach at Son Xoriguer is where the watersports can be found.

Beach Loungers Calan Bosch

2018 - Typical price to hire 2 loungers + Umbrella is between 17-19 Euro all day. Reductions usually (after 15:00). Facility closes circa 19:00

prices are posted
The newer Fixed Shades

Cala en Bosch - Local Resort Beaches

Cala en Bosch
Cala en Bosch bay
Son Xoriguer
Cala Blanca >

Cala'n Bosch - Local Virgin Beaches

Son Saura
Son Saura
Luis Gavilan
Es Talaier
Es Talaier
Cala Turqueta
Cala Turqueta
Cala Macarella
Cala Macarella

Son Saura beach can be reached via bus to Ciutadella ( L65 ) then (L66) or a 40 min coastal walk from eastern end of Son Xoriguer.

Shopping around Cala en Bosch

There is a Maribel shopping centre ( mini chain on west coast ) at the Marina and just behind Son Xoriguer beach. Supermarkets are located in the maps below and are quite numerous. All have some uk goods with usual imported goods price levels.

There are a few summer clothing and footwear boutiques and a summer evening market. Very good shopping in more individual shops can be enjoyed in Ciutadella.

Cala'n Bosch - Marina

An artificial marina provides the hub of Cala en Bosch with the majority of Bars and Restaurants clustered around it's three sides-This creates a buzy atmosphere evenings but similarly hotels next to the Marina will have to accept this noise - Details under See and Do

Boat Excursions and hire

There are popular larger boats trips along coast to visit beaches and bays, Sailboats and windsurfers to hire was well as motor boats with and with out skipper for a few hours or full day for hire. Details under See and Do

Getting About

See below for Bus information.

Tourist Train

A good way to get a quick overview of Cala en Bosch without walking and fun for children. Departs from main square at top of Marina ( see photo ) every 30 mins., with 8 pick/drop off points. Full tour is Cala en Bosch ( coast and marina ) with Son Xoriguer ( see photo ) . Operates 10 - 13:00 and 16:30 - 21:30

2017 Full Tour 9 Half Tour 5 Eur

Tourist Train
Main Stop


Cala en Bosch to Ciutadella is about 10-12 Euro one way with returns after 9pm costing slightly more .


Cala en Bosch is completely flat making it easy for infrequent cyclists to explore. You can hire fun cycles for two and more, electric bikes and Mountain (with child seats ) to explore the resort or surrounding areas.

Calan Bosch - Nightlife

As with most resorts in Menorca, evening entertainment here is generally to be found in the resort Bars but nothing that would ever compare to the neon jungle of the resorts along the south coast of Majorca. Mahon and Ciutadella however offer something for everyone, but with none of the "binge drink clubbing" to be found on Ibizia and Majorca. Menorca is NOT Majorca but that is why many people come here!

Ciutadella Nightlife

The Bars and Restaurants around the marina come alive at night providing a choice of entertainment for all ages and tastes. In high season you can find street artists and traders offering their handicrafts and jewellry. The children's play parks stay open late so mums and dads can also have some time to themselves. See below for Bars, music etc.

Wi-Fi and Internet

 Many Calan Bosch Bars will offer free WiFi ( passwords on request ) Sim cards and dongles for Spanish networks( Vodafone es /Movistar ) can be bought in nearby towns and topped up via supermarket cashiers. More and more towns have free WiFi in their squares. WiFi on Menorca

Bus Timetable - Calan Bosch

Bus Timetable - Calan Bosch

Mahon will mostly be written on timetables, front of buses and signposts as Maó, it's local name. If you are staying longer than a week take a trip on this good network and see some of the other sights, resorts/towns and attractions.

Bus, Taxi and Hire Car - Detailed getting about info.

What is the Weather like in Calan Bosch

Calan Bosch has a mediterranean climate characterised by warm to hot, dry summers with a pleasant cooling breeze and milder winters. The sea in   Calan Bosch   will be around 22-26 degrees in summer. In October the sea is still warm. Spring time ( early March to April ) will have sunny days and air temperatures around 20 and above , ideal for sightseeing, walking, cycling and horseriding activities.Weather & forecast through the year

Weather now - updated 2018-12-13 00:15
Temp. (°C): 14

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