Flights Information for Independent Travellers

For independent travellers it is simply quicker and cheaper to organise your own flights. To make your own flight arrangements easier we have gathered together those reliable web sites where you can view and book drectly online. Travel Insurance products cater for independently purchased flights and accommodation as this is now very common.

Listed below, by departure airport and departure day ( main season), are those companies that offer a online booking service. NOTE we have also selected web sites that offer multiple airlines so you might find more than 1 flight for that day.

Flight Tips

Monarch offer many flights and as they have a long connection with the island AND have the best flight slots.

Every year when travel numbers are predicted to fall due to economic difficulties the airlines reduce their flight capacity to Menorca not their prices. Holding off for lower prices will often mean you run a high risk of not getting enough seats for all your party and the prices unfortunately will be probably be higher.

Tuesday flights will often seem a 'bargain' however many accommodation owners will not accept a Tuesday changeover except possibly outside the main season.


There are multiple flights from Barcelona to Menorca ( Vueling, Ryanair ,Iberia) and there are lots of low cost airlines flying to BCN from the UK.

Its also possible to find a cheap flight to Palma de Majorca that arrives before 14:00 then fly on to Menorca with Air-Berlin at about 16:00 or Iberia (Air Nostrum)

BA also fly a service Limited Season mid May to end Sep on Mo,Fr,Sa from London City airport


( gathering latest times as they are published by airlines)

**Note that some flight days will only be available in main season or part of the season - check online for latest information.

Departure Airport Monarch ThomsonFly EasyJet Thomas Cook Vueling Flybe
Limited Season
mid May to
end August
also from Barcelona and Madrid
Belfast We Tu Fr
Birmingham Mo,We,Fr We,Fr,Sa Mo,Fr,Sa
Bournemouth Mo
Bristol Mo,Fri Th,Sa Fr
Cardiff Fri Fr
Doncaster Sheffield Fr Mo,Fr
East Midlands Mo,We,Fr,Sa Tu,Fr,Sa Mo,Fr
Edinburgh Sa Fr Th,Sa Sa
Exeter Fr Fr
Glasgow Fr Sa Fr,Sa Sa
Humberside Fr
Leeds Bradford Mo,Fr We Mo,Tu,Fr,Sa Fr
Liverpool Su,Mo,We,Fr
London Gatwick Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa Mo,We,Fr,Sa Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa Mo,Fr,Sa
London Luton Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa We,Sa Mo,We,Fr
London Stanstead Mo,Tu,We,Fr,Sa Mo,Fr Fr,Sa
London City
Manchester Su,Mo,Tu,Th,Fr Mo,We,Fr,Sa Sa Fr,Sa
Newcastle We,Sa Sa

Spring 2016 and Winter Flights

Menorca Tips

Outside of the towns the island wakes up slowly so you'll probably need a hire car as the seasonal resort food shops will probably not yet be open. However Cala en Porter,Fornells and Es Castell are all next to the sea will have food shops open.

WINTER From November to March there is only a single UK direct flight option by Monarch airlines from Gatwick on fridays.

Flying to Menorca - November to March


Gatwick ZB 762 / 3
Mahon Mahon
Fri 09:00 12:30 Fri 13:20 14:45

Springtime - mid March and April Flights to Menorca


Gatwick ZB 762 / 3
Mahon Mahon
Fri 09:00 12:30 Fri 13:20 14:45
Mon (1) 16:10 19:40 Mon 20:30 21:55

(1) from 15.02

Luton ZB 38/39
Mahon Mahon
Fri (1) 07:05 10:40 Fri 11:30 13:00

(1) from 25.03

Leeds-Bradford ZB 7584 / 5
Mahon Mahon
Mon (2) 16:50 20:30 Fri 21:20 23:00

(2) from 04.04

There are also other options via Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid , Majorca and Valencia.

Flight tips

Check which terminal you arrive/depart from at Barcelona and have sufficient time.

Arrival to Menorca

Departure Airport Monarch Vueling Ryanair Iberia ( Air Nostrum ) Air Berlin
Book Online
Book Online
London Gatwick Fri 06:55 ( arr. 09:20 )
Barcelona Wed,Fri,Sat 07:00

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sun 20:25

early am and late afternoon
Fri,Sun until March 30
Ibiza Sun 14:20

Thu 15:35

Madrid Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,
Fri,Sun until March 30
Majorca Sun from 24.03.2013
Valencia Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri 11:00

Sun 12:00

Departure from Menorca

Destination Airport Monarch Vueling Ryanair Iberia (Air Nostrum ) Air Berlin
Book Online
Book Online
London Gatwick

Fri 11:20 ( arr. 12:20 )


Wed,Fri,Sat 08.20

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sun 21:45

early am and late afternoon
Fri,Sun until March 30


Sun 15:35

Thu 17:00


Fri,Sun until March 30

Fri 13:50

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Sun 16:50

Sat 17:25


Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun 07:15

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat 09:00

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun 09:50

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun 11:10

Mon,Wed,Thu 12:35

Tue 13:20

Sat,Sun 13:25

Sun 15:40

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri 15:45

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sun 18:00

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun 19:10

Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri,Sat,Sun 20:10

Thu 20:40

Sun from 24.03.2013


Mon,Wed,Thu,Fri 12:40

Tue 13:20

Sun 12:00


Monarch are perhaps "the" Menorcan Airline. And have served the island for many years. Consequently they also have the best flight times for maximising stays.

Jet 2

Mahon Airport

Airport Code for Menorca is MAH or often listed as mahon.Airport Details

Mahon airport is 4.5 Km to the south-west of the Capital. Frequent buses run to the main bus station and plentiful taxis are just outside the arrivals hall. Airport Transfers are run from a dedicated welcome counter outside baggage hall. Transport links

Getting to/from Airport

By Bus - Due to the road system ( just a couple of coast roads ) public buses from the airport do not make an easy transfer option as you must travel to Mahon main bus station and then change. First bus leaves the airport at 05.55 running until 22:30. From Mahon bus station they begin at 05:45 until 00:15. Detailed bus timetables info.

By Taxi - Taxis are plentifull from outside arrivals and for four passengers or less to destinations within 25km they represent the best value and convienience. No need to book in advance. Taxis and Prices

Transfer Services - For larger groups or greater distances from Airport we recommend either a shared or private transfer which are to/from your accommodation.

Shared Transfers-lowest price Book Online

You take your luck with how many other destinations your fellow passengers(if any) need to be dropped off/picked up from and wait times on arrival/departure.

Private Transfers-Door to Door Book Online

The vehicle is just for your party so is more expensive but no waiting and no extended transfer times.

Book Transfer Online

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