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Mahon essentially has three areas of interest for the typical holiday visitor. The harbour, the old city and yes the bus station. Mahon sits on a 200m high plateau over what is the world's second largest natural harbour so is classically defined by this impressive location, along with it's georgian and Jugendstill architecture mixed with spanish tradition. The old city splits at a natural access point to the harbour below with a picturesque serpentine road bisected by an elegant stairway and gardens known as Costa de Ses Voltes.

Don't be fooled by maps and directions

The correct name for Mahon is Mao Maó ( pronounced 'Maow' ) and this will be what is written on roadsigns, current maps, guides and importantly the buses and taxis. It is a working harbour for leisure and goods, including traditional fishing boats big and small. So there is always something to see while sipping a drink at one of the many harbours side Cafe Bar Restaurants. The deep harbour and town's charm means it is visited by many towering state of the art cruise liners which is a real sight. The 5 km long harbour front, Moll de Llevant, on the city side of the natural bay is basically divided into two areas of interest for the tourist Immediately to the left and right of the Costa de ses Voltes steps.

Following this around Pont de Llevant you will enter the area where the big motor yachts and sailcraft are moored. This is where the island's only Casino is and where the other major concentraton of Bars , Cafes and Restuarants can be found with great views out to the harbour. The old town appears to hang on the plateau's edge with fantastic balconies and architecture that makes for a beautiful skyline when viewed from the harbour side below.


Menorca Fish Market As is the tradition, many smaller shops are often located as part of houses so you should reallyexplore these streets as there are some great little places to discover. There are no anonymous,characterless shopping centres in Mahon and very few chain stores in the shopping areas so you will enjoy a change from the 'same old, same as' back at home. But don't forget that Siesta here is religously followed. The best shopping atmosphere is late afternoon from 16:30 when the shops start to open and the locals meet at the cafes. Markets though are always open mornings only. For visitors arriving by the modern and inexpensive bus network you will most likely arrive at Mahon bus station located behind the main square at Mahon city centre. From the bus station it is just 30m to the start of the main pedestrianised shopping roads that follow the land down towards the harbour.

Mahon's old city features lots of Georgian and Jugendstil elements in it's architecture, so heads up and you will be suprised at just what is above your eyeline. Old palace and town house facades hint at the hidden delights behind the front doors.

Mahon's secret park

Parc D'es Freginal is a suprisingly large and attractive park right in the middle of town which many tourists perhaps will not even have seen and makes a great place to take a few quieter moments under shading trees and for dads to take the children to the small play area while mums have sometime to themsleves in the shopping area.