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Menorca - A Balance of Nature, Culture and Tourism


The authorities on Menorca decided not to follow neighbouring islands and put in place planning laws to stop any slide into mass tourism with neonized, coastal strips with shoulder to shoulder high rise hotels hiding any glimse of natural scenery.

Menorca is a destination for those looking for excellent beaches set in natural unspoilt surroundings, walks in stunning varying countryside and idylic coastline paths yet where you can still enjoy people watching at relaxing cafes squares, dancing into the night on balmy open air terraces, or sophisticated moonlit meals looking out from harbour-side restaurants.

Menorca is not a place to sit glued to a pool terrace or strip of beach - get out and about. There is a modern clean, reliable bus network and the island is so small a taxi back will not break the bank if you decide to stay later than the last bus back.

On Menorca there is a quiet understanding that life does not have to be about the superlative biggest and fastest, preferring a laid back approach. Don't expect the tourist services you might expect elsewhere ib the Balearics. The focus here is on what nature has provided. Access to stunning coastline, beaches and countryscapes. Good food and a welcome smile for children.

In 1993 Menorca was delcared a UNESCO Biosphere reserve with over 40% of this beautiful island protected by law keeping its natural beauty preserved. There are excellent walking guides, and the wayside and paths are now well signposted and mapped. There is a an organised network of off main road cycling routes to explore, ideal for spring time visits.

Menorca across the year

Late March early April will let you see the island in full bloom and with a vividness in it's colours rarely seen later when the heat hazes of summer heat have 'dulled' the air. With stone walled fields luxuriant in greens, long grass and flecked with thousands of spring flowers.

From early April onwards temperatures start to climb from 20-22 Celsius. The lemon trees' branches are breaking from the weight of fruit and mock orange hedges fill the evening air with orange scents.

On the roadside fields to Sant Climent, the long grasses will sway but there's no wind! It's just one of the signs of the many new arrivals to the island at this time of year (piglets running in the long grass )

At this time of year before the summer heat many of the islands animals and their new offspring are out in the fields providing a delightul backdrop to walks along picturesque single tracks lanes that criss cross this island.

'Menul del Dia' (fixed menus) prices will be set below peak prices allowing you to enjoy excellent 3 course menorca meals with drinks for very little money.

in July and August the island's poplulation jumps dramatically and with the arrival of Spanish,French, Germans and Italian visitors the beach side world becomes much more cosmopolitan. Car hire will be tight for this period due to severe vehicle shortages, so book well in advance. That said sometimes atmosphere and memories are made by people, so the extra buzz might be just what you are looking for.

Long summer evenings happen in this peak as you can enjoy the traditional late night lifestyle of the island. Cuitudella and Mahon offer sophistication and nightlife away from the beaches.

Either side of the peak family holiday months June and September offer those with flexibility the chance to enjoy this island possibly at its best holiday months. June temperatures may be more your level, with more greenery and space to relax.

October is often overlooked, but it can be a great antedote to the greying days back home. The sea will be warm from a summer's worth of warming sun and people will have more time after the summer rush. Weather is weather so be prepared for strong sun as well as some showers.



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